Benefits of Selling Your Products on a Marketplace


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As a brand or retailer, finding the right market for your products is the key to a profitable business. You need to follow the audience, which makes selling your products on a marketplace the right choice. When you set up your online store on a marketplace, you gain access to buyers and technical resources for free/a very low commission-based fee.

Here are some benefits of selling your products on a marketplace.

Benefits of Selling your Products on a Marketplace

They are popular destinations for buyers

Most people use online marketplaces to find the products they need. In the US market, 90% of buyers shop on marketplaces. We don’t have similar stats for India, but we know that 72% of Indians trust the internet overall. And only 4% of Indian net users say that they don’t shop online.

When people want to buy a new product, they hardly know of any name brands, even if they’ve seen an advert for that product in the past. Their immediate destination becomes an online marketplace because they are popular for having everything. There is so much potential in placing your products on a platform where users will come looking for you.

Buyers trust marketplace vendors better

Buyers extend their trust in a marketplace to its vendors. Even if you’re a small business. Even if you have no sales history. This is because credible marketplaces have security measures in place to protect the money and interests of buyers. As a new or small business, this factor will help your growth. Buyer will trust your offer on a marketplace more readily than they will on a business website with no obvious activity.

Freedom from technical matters

Running a fully functional e-commerce store is not an easy feat. Even if you can afford the initial website development payment, there are still hidden costs that will continue to pop up. Your e-commerce site will need upgrades, bug fixes, new features, adjustments for traffic, and so on. To fix these issues quickly, you will need a freelance developer on call or a full-time developer. Both options cost money that most businesses don’t have.

Meanwhile, with a marketplace, you don’t have to bother about any of these issues. Their engineering team is always monitoring and improving the platform’s framework. If you notice any bugs or issues, fixing it won’t hurt your pockets. All you need to do is contact support, and they’ll work with their team to find a solution. 

Low starting cost

Most online marketplaces, including eBaggie, do not charge a fee to register your business and set up your store. This means that you can own your e-commerce store for free. Those resources or would-be-fees can be invested in developing your products and providing excellent customer service.

Your business gains international access

To make your products available internationally, you need an agreement with foreign delivery services. Not many of these companies prioritize small businesses. This means that their fees are often high, while the support they give is often low. When you use an e-commerce platform, you can piggyback off their relationships with international delivery agents.

For example, Amazon, the largest online marketplace connects its sellers to customers in over 180 countries. Image Source

In this case, delivery agents treat clients (your marketplace) as a top priority because they contribute a huge percent of the profits in the delivery industry. When your marketplace gets top priority, so does your business.


Your target customers are adopting marketplaces as their go-to stores. A while ago, Statista reported that the fastest growth in retail eCommerce between 2018 and 2022 is expected in India and Indonesia.  Place your business in the right position to gain a huge market share as the industry grows. You can start today with the simple step of setting up your own store for free. Visit eBaggie to learn more.

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